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Select Partner (Direct Agents)

The Select Partner Program is designed for telecom and technology companies with a desire to partner with an industry leader to increase the services they provide their customers, and bring more money to the bottom line. With this program the Select Partner is responsible for selling the services of FDN, and then we take it from there. Companies with an established sales force or technical team can realize excellent income with the Select Partner Program.

For more information call 1-866-484-AGNT (1-866-484-2468) or email SelectPartner@mail.fdn.com today.

Referral Agents

The Referral Sales Agent Program is designed for those who wish to partner with a strong telecommunications company without having to be in the telecom business themselves. With this unique program, you simply recommend FDN to an area business, introduce one of our well-trained account managers, and we do the rest.

For more information email agentinfo@mail.fdn.com today.

Connections Program

The Connections Program is a member supported initiative that provides member specific savings for those organizations affiliated with the program. The program itself is geared towards developing strategic relationships with various Chambers and Associations throughout the Southeastern United States.

All participating members automatically qualify to receive exclusive savings off any and all current phone and high-speed Internet services.

For more information call 1-888-9-MEMBER (1-888-963-6237) and speak to a dedicated team member or email our Connections Program Manager at pantonio@mail.fdn.com.

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